U.K. 2.0 – London, Liverpool & Dublin

Ah, London. My muse. No, really. This whole love affair with travel really got started when I studied abroad in London five years ago (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!?) Flashback to 2012, I was absolutely scared to death to embark on a journey abroad by myself. My parents dropped me off at the Orlando airport, … Continue reading U.K. 2.0 – London, Liverpool & Dublin


72 Hours in Venice

I have to be brutally honest here. We were underwhelmed with Venice. Don’t get me wrong, it is a stunningly beautiful city. The architecture, the canals…it’s all so dreamy and romantic. What’s not so romantic, though, is that the vibe we got from the city didn’t reflect its looks at all. The Gondola rides were … Continue reading 72 Hours in Venice