Croatia’s Culinary Secrets

Despite its growing popularity among tourists, Croatia is still a fairly unspoiled destination as far as European getaways go. Unless you decide to come in July or August when waves of tourists cause populations of many coastal towns to swell to more than twice their normal size. When we decided to make Croatia our 'home base' in … Continue reading Croatia’s Culinary Secrets


Dubrovnik: The Pearl Shines Bright in the Off-Season

Dubrovnik, also known as "the Pearl of the Adriatic," is an exquisitely preserved medieval city located on the southern coast of Croatia. Although the bombings that occurred here in 1991 horrified the world, Dubrovnik has bounced back with an enchanting vigor that has secured its place as one of the most-visited destinations in the Mediterranean. It's easy … Continue reading Dubrovnik: The Pearl Shines Bright in the Off-Season