We’re Pat and Sarah. Twenty-something’s from Denver, Colorado, transplanted by way of our sleepy, sandy little hometown in southeast Florida. We’re recently engaged, and decided to start our life together with a giant leap of faith: we quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, said a teary goodbye to our beloved chocolate lab (who happily lives the life being spoiled by her grandparents while we’re traveling) and bought one-way tickets to Europe.

Pat is a professional chef, and has been totally immersed in all things ‘food’ for the last several years. He’s worked his way from tossing dough at a pizza shop to becoming sous chef at one Denver’s top restaurants, working alongside culinary masters all along the way.

Sarah got her first public relations job just before graduating college, and has worked in agencies ever since. First as a PR specialist, then as a marketing and advertising executive, she’s worked with clients ranging from food and beverage to lifestyle and wellness brands.

We fully understand the hardships, sacrifice and fear that goes into opting to try something other than the ‘default’ lifestyle, but we’re passionate about making a life, not a living. And we hope to inspire our readers to do the same.

You may have noticed the “Braising & Bubbles” tab on the menu above. The “Braising & Bubbles” section of PS, Let’s Travel is dedicated to all things food and wine. Our intention is to give our readers a look into the overall cuisine of each place we visit, including its origins and history, recipes of traditional dishes, and restaurant recommendations and reviews– from Michelin-star winners to hole-in-the-wall sandwich shops.

Of  course, wine is an integral part of cuisine, so we also offer wine assessments, including tasting notes, background on the regions, history and recommended food pairings.

– PS