6 steps for successful long-term travel

Guest/contributed post** When you’re traveling for the long-haul, you have a bit more to plan for than you would on a normal holiday. Whether you are an experienced nomad or are leaving your home country for the first time, here are six things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth, successful journey. Stay organized … Continue reading 6 steps for successful long-term travel


U.K. 2.0 – London, Liverpool & Dublin

Ah, London. My muse. No, really. This whole love affair with travel really got started when I studied abroad in London five years ago (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!?) Flashback to 2012, I was absolutely scared to death to embark on a journey abroad by myself. My parents dropped me off at the Orlando airport, … Continue reading U.K. 2.0 – London, Liverpool & Dublin